Developmenta Counseling

For all parents with newborns, babies and toddlers from 0-3 years.

Developmental psychological counseling helps to enable positive experiences between the child and his or her caregivers - despite any stress that may be present.

Infancy confronts parents with special challenges.

In these periods, developmental psychology counselling (as a video-based concept) can assist parents in their relationship with their child. It supports the development and promotion of the early bonding experience of the child. The quality of this interaction between the child and its caregiver is essential, not only for its emotional but also its cognitive and social development.

In a counselling short film sequences of common daily interactions will be recorded with the parents. In the following feedback, we watch parts of these sequences together and discuss them. This promotes the sensibility of the parents in their perception of the child’s signals.
The counselling is always based on the observation of the child with its own individual competences and needs.


About me

After my apprenticeship in childcare, I continued my training as a ‘Fachperson für Säuglinge & Kleinkinder in Kitas’. With several years of practical experience in the care of infants, I decided to educate myself further as an ‘Integrative Erziehungsberaterin’ and ‘Entwicklungspsychologische Beraterin’.

In these trainings I learnt additional approaches and alternatives to deal with various situations. It raised my awareness to focus on the child-parent-interaction in more detail.

I am looking forward to contributing to your individual relationship with your child in a supportive and empowering way.



For clients of the Kita Regenbogen: CHF 60.00 per hour

External interested person: CHF 75.00 per hour



Support in individual situations of the daily parent-child-interactions..



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