Available spaces

Only a few places left!

Kita Regenbogen is almost fully booked for the school year of 2020/2021. Please find below some last-minute available spaces if you’re interested in enrolling your child for the current school year.

Starting from August / September 2020

For children under 12 months old:

  • Four full days (Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday + Friday)
  • Two full days (Thursday + Friday)
  • Two full days (Tuesday + Wednesday)
  • Two full days (Tuesday + Thursday)
  • Two full days (Wednesday + Friday)


For children betweem 18 and 24 months old:

  • Four full days (Monday + Wednesday + Thursday + Friday)


For children older than 24 months:

  • Three full days (Monday + Wednesday + Thursday)
  • Two half days (11.30 – 18.30h) (Wednesday + Friday)
  • Five half days (14.00 – 18.30h) (Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday + Thursday + Friday)

Waiting List

Please feel free to place yourself on our waiting list, without incurring any obligation (and free of charge, of course).

We will contact you accordingly, as soon as an available space which suits your needs opens up. To put your child on a waiting list at our daycare, send us an e-mail with the following details to hc.re1594408256dnikr1594408256eufet1594408256ro@et1594408256silne1594408256tness1594408256eretn1594408256i1594408256

  • Desired date of enrolment.
  • Your child’s date of birth.
  • Desired day care hours.
  • Your name and a telephone number, where you can easily be reached.

Subsidized placements

We can’t provide subsidized places.

Read more (provided in german only)