Organic food

Organic food? Of course!

Food is enjoyment. It improves our well-being and appeals to the senses. Adequate and healthy food consumption is necessary for good health and nutrition begins with the ingredients. For this reason, our own professional chef Martin uses organic vegetables, fruits and dairy in preparation of his meals. Our meals are prepared fresh daily at our on-site kitchen. We also have our own herb and vegetable garden.

Organic Food: Healthy and Delicious!

We offer your children healthy, balanced, seasonal and varied meals. The three meals consist of a lunch (Zmittag at 11.30am) and two in-between meals (Znüni at 9am and Zvieri at 4pm). We adhere to the nutritional physiological principles of Fourchette verte* when it comes to selecting ingredients for our meals.

Along with the different food categories we provide, we vary in its ingredients and preparation types. We serve what nature gives us and therefore prefer seasonal products. Food enjoyment is a key part of a balanced diet. From the way food is served, its colour composition, texture, taste and smell are all essential parts of the food itself. This way, children appreciate and enjoy their meals.

Parents need not worry: we do not offer sweets at our Kita. In-between meals (Znüni and Zvieri) meals do not contain any or very little few refined sugar (e.g., when fruit pie or Früchtewähe is served). Exceptions to this rule are children’s birthdays, when parents are welcomed to bring birthday cakes to be shared with their child’s friends, and carnival week (Fasnachtswoche).

Tap water is always available for every meal. Each group in our Kita has a jug of water, with individual glasses for each child with their name/picture next to it. Water is always accessible for every child.

Children who are abstaining from any food for religious or lifestyle preference, vegetarian dish is available as meat substitute. If you child has a food allergy, please inform us in advance.

For babies, homemade organic purée (“Brei”) made of fruits (e.g., apple pears) and vegetables are available. It can also be mixed to what your baby is currently consuming, such as rice cereal. We also provide Aptamil and Bimbosan formula.

Here’s a feedback from nutrition consultant Tanja Bischof:

“This is just great! There is nothing to “improve”. Keep it up!”

* A certification with the Fourchette Verte label is currently not available in the canton of Zurich.


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