Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

At Kita Regenbogen, it is important for us as an organisation to offer high customer service to all of our clients, which are you, the parents, and your children.

Customer focus for children refers to not only education, but also the importance of our roles in working with them.

We follow the Berlin model of familiarisation period (Das Berliner Eingewöhnungsmodell) where a new child in our day care centre comes in with their parent(s) for a period of two weeks. Together, we set out to build dependable and trusting relationships with your child and you, the parent(s), in a slow and calm manner, in conjunction to learning and observing your child in order to have an understanding of their stage of development.

Following the teaching of Emmi Pikler, we practice the highest degree of care and are always empathetic towards the children’s needs.

We support each child’s development by offering them opportunities to nurture their current needs and interests, based on our consistent, systematic and documented observations.

We believe that children are independent creatures from very early stages. They are competent and active constructors of their own environment, and that it is they themselves who regulate their own growing process. For us, the process of growing, thus learning, is truly learning on one’s own. We are in a position to influence their learning curves in a constructive way through suitable means. As we would say in German, “The journey is the game!” (Der Weg is das Spiel!)

Customer focus for parents means we maintain a partnership with you. In this regard, we respectfully consider you, the parents, as the fundamental specialists of your children. We are aware of our role as a family-oriented service provider and it is our mission to join your goals in the parent – child – educator triangle, and to process possible goal conflicts proactively and systematically.

Our staff members are proud to have Orte für Kinder as their noteworthy employer and that it stands as a professionally run day care centre. Staff members are expected to follow a pedagogical and an administrative approach, as well as binding procedures, which enable them to set their own priorities within a secure framework. Teamwork and team leadership are also carried out through transparent concepts and clear, direct communication. Needless to say, professional training is very important to us and we are willing to invest in the development of our employees, along with our expectations for them to practice what we believe in and their willingness to follow our training/methods.

The childcare centers of Orte für Kinder are more than a care facility – we are also an educational institution. Respectively, we are also a learning organisation that would like to remain innovative — we regularly assess our quality of work while receiving external feedback. This is an important aspect of our quality management and development. Quality care for children is the most important and lasting success feature of a day care centre. This is the reason why we have our day care centres checked by external parties on a regular basis. Membership in the Kibesuisse professional association and in the bildungskrippen.ch network ensures the continuous analysis of new developments in our sector.