Price and Terms

Our all-inclusive daycare fees

Our daily day care fees are inclusive of care hours, all meals, snacks, drinks, nappies, wipes, Weleda products such as toothpaste, diaper cream and winter balsam, sunscreen, formula milk for babies and excursions.

All-day care 7.45am – 6.30pm

Toddlers to preschoolers: CHF 135

Babies: CHF 159

Half-Day care with lunch (7.45am – 2pm or 11.30am – 6.30pm).

Toddlers to preschoolers: CHF 90

Babies: CHF 105

Half-day care without lunch (7.45am – 11.30am or 2pm – 6.30pm).

Toddlers to preschoolers: CHF 60

Babies: CHF 70

Payment due dates & Monthly fees

Monthly fees are charged according to the following (valid by 1.1.2018):

Monthly fee  =  number of childcare days    x   daycare rates    x    4.33

The following is an example of a monthly charge for an all-day care:

Days per week Babies Toddler-Preschoolers
2 1’377 CHF 1’169  CHF
3 2’065 CHF 1’754  CHF
4 2’754  CHF 2’338  CHF
5* 3’442  CHF 2’923  CHF

*For a 5-day enrolment, the annual administration fee of CHF 150 is waived.

Fees are paid monthly in advance via direct debit.

There is an annual administrative fee of CHF 150.

List of costs / Admission Fee / Deposit for Enrolment

We do not charge any admission nor waiting-list fees.

There is also zero deposit required from parents.

Subsidized Placements

Unfortunately, we are not currently offering any subsidized placement at our child care.

Additional Information