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At Kita Regenbogen, we provide plenty of space for the interests of all of our children. In addition to seven class groups, each one with spacious three separate rooms, we also have a movement room, a large play corridor, a nap room and many educational rooms, which are designed to a specific theme. All rooms have plenty of light except for rooms specifically used for naps. Here you can get an in-depth overview.


Our four babies/toddlers groups are furnished as “nests” for the babies. However, due to their curious nature, they tend to explore quickly and are developing interests in new materials. Each babies/toddlers’ group has devoted their main room to a particular educational subject. Twice a day children are able to play in any group class.


There are three toddler/preschooler groups in our Kita Regenbogen, each equipped with two educational areas. Children can choose from a wide variety, which offers free options, almost every day (until about 5.15 pm), to deepen and pursue their interests.

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