We build professionals

At Kita Regenbogen, education does not only apply to the youngest. In the year 2019/20, the Regenbogen team consisted of ten interns in their vocational preparation year, fourteen students who we support on their way to professional children care, as well as one student of Children Education HF. It is our pleasure and honour to pave the way to professional life for so many people and to contribute support to the increasing need for well-trained professionals.

Expert professional children care

Simona is the person responsible for conducting training and carries the main responsibility for the children care professional training. During the first year of training, a vocational trainer will also support every trainee.

In addition to the practical training in Kita Regenbogen, the trainees also visit the vocational school in Winterthur.

Basis of the training is the current education plan as well as Kita Regenbogen’s own training concept. To plan its training content, Kita Regenbogen works with the program “ePak” by Kibesuisse.

Children Educator HF

Kita Regenbogen offers three places for prospective children educators. Two of them are intended for students who graduated with a professional educator degree and wish to deepen their knowledge and skills (Anschluss-HF). The third place is aimed at newcomers who were trained for a different profession during their first course of education and now would like to change to an educational profession (Regel-HF).

Our students visit the AGOGIS. They are guided and accompanied by the Kita management.

Vocational Preparation

We offer ten exciting internships for young people who are in their professional orientation phase.

Kita Regenbogen management team carries the main responsibility for the vocational preparation. The management team supports every intern during their vocational preparation year, along with training by the groups’ leaders.

Interns also have the possibility to submit an internal application for an apprenticeship for the following year of training and to participate in its qualification procedure.

In assigning apprenticeships, Kita Regenbogen gives priority to their own interns. Our interns are trained to be goal-oriented, receive guidance and group information meetings and are also entrusted with steadily growing range of tasks.