Our Values and Goals

Our Values and Goals

In our work, we aim to promote social, emotional, linguistic and intellectual capabilities of the children. The daily routine of the day care centre depends on the needs and interests of the children. Based on our observations, we adjust the day’s activities to what suits their needs the most.

We treat every child as a competent individual. What we mean by this is that we see every child from their early stages to be committed, initiative, distinguished young people who are capable of various behaviours and thus actively shape their own development. We view children as the subject of their own growth, instead of the object of our efforts.

We have faith in children’s skills, respect and appreciate them. Through the principles of Dr. Emmi Pikler, we cultivate a calm, patient and loving dealings with the children in Kita Regenbogen. We address individual needs and interests of the children and promote the construction of their own unique personality.

We allow space and time for children to develop according to their own pace. We see ourselves as a “safe harbour” for them, accessible through every stage of their development.

In order to be perceived as a “safe harbour” by the children, the building of our relationship and bonding are the main focus. Without a secure attachment to the child-minder, children will not be able to develop accordingly. In order to ensure the bonding process, we give each child an individualised settling in period for at least two weeks, based on the Berlin Familiarisation Model („Berliner-Modell“).

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