Opening Hours

Finally! More Flexibility for Parents!

When it comes to childcare, parents are often faced with the same dilemma: the hours of their child care centres do not match their needs. Either it starts too early in the morning or it closes too early in the evening. What is a parent supposed to do when the demands of professional life clashes with your child’s day care hours and you have no family members to help you out in Zurich?

Opening Hours

At Kita Regenbogen, our day care hours are from 7.45am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday.

We understand that things can come up unexpectedly and are here to help you and your child. Therefore, we also offer extended care hours on an as-needed basis. Your child can be dropped off at our day care centre as early as 7am and be picked up as late as 8.30pm.

We accept last-minute requests for extensive day care hours, provided that they are made by 4pm. Please contact the office or call your child’s group manager directly to arrange extended hours of childcare.


Public Holidays in the City of Zurich and Our Company Holiday

KITA Regenbogen is closed between Christmas Eve (24 December) and a day after New Year’s Day (2 January) every calendar year. Below is an outline of our holiday dates:

Public Holidays in the City of Zurich and our Company Holiday

2020 2020
01. January 01. January New Year’s Day
02. January 02. January Berchtholdstag
10. April 02. April Good Friday
13. April 05. April Easter Monday
20. April 19. April Sechseläuten (open until 12.00pm)
01. May 01. May Labour Day
21. May 13. May Ascension of Jesus
01. June 24. May Pentecost
01. August 01. August Swiss National Day
14. September 13. September Knabenschiessen (open until 12.00pm)
25. December 25. December Christmas Day
26. December 26. December St. Stephens Day