Welcome to Kita Regenbogen

At Kita Regenbogen, you and your child are our main focus!

Over the years, we pride ourselves of having many local and international families. Some of who do not possess German as their home language. Therefore, it is our hope that you can find the information you need on the English version of our site. What is Kita Regenbogen? "Kita" is an abbreviation for “Kindertagestätte”, which may be translated to “daycare facility for children” in English. Regenbogen is “rainbow” in German. As Kita Regenbogen is a part of our brand, we are sticking to the original name throughout the English version of our website. As a care provider and early childhood education centre, our values are based on the understanding that with each enrolment, we strive to please two clients at a time: your child, and you, the parent. We understand the anxiety that parents go through in leaving their child at a daycare, especially for the very first time. Some of you may also be new to Zurich and Switzerland in general, so you may have concerns about things being lost in translation when communicating with members of our team. While not everyone of our staff member speaks fluent English, please be assured that we’ve had plenty of past and current English-speaking parents. Through mutual effort, we have worked well together, and learnt a lot from one another. These parents and their children have grown to be long-term members of our Kita Regenbogen family. Parents of the Kita Regenbogen can be assured that professional and well-trained Early Years Practitioners and Room Leaders (Leiter or Leiterin in German)are looking after their children in a loving, safe and educational environment. Every morning, children of our day care look forward to come and join their classes. They get to spend quality time with reliable “on site nannies” and other children, whilst being involved in variety of activities, which are both stimulating and educational.

Information for Parents

We understand that parents value a service-oriented childcare centre that meets their needs. We are pleased to provide you with the following:

Extended opening times

Our usual hours of operation are from 7.45am to 6.30pm. However, we understand that sometimes parents’ work schedule does not always adhere to this time period. Therefore, we also provide additional care hours starting from 7am to 8.30pm as needed. Requests can be made up to 4pm on the day itself by contacting the office or your child’s group’s key person.

Flexible Daycare Hours

We offer all-day, half-day or two-third day daycare hours. Almost any combination of the above is also possible.


Parents always drop off and pick up their children at their child’s assigned group. Both the morning and afternoon groups’ Key Person is the Group Leader (Leiter or Leiterin in German) are permanent.

We are available 51 weeks a year!

Kita Regenbogen only closes between Christmas Eve and a day after New Year’s Day.

Recognition as an educational day care centre

We are a proud member of the bildungskrippen.ch network, which means that we adhere to systematic observations of the children, documenting their progresses in portfolios, as well as pedagogical exchange among the educators.

Certified Quality and Quality Management

Kita Regenbogen is QualiKita certified. The QualiKita label is only given to childcare centres with highest educational excellence and efficient quality management.

Highest Transparency

Our online-journal  provides regularly updated information about the exciting experiences of your children at our KiTa.

Professional Management of our Childcare Centre

At Kita Regenbogen, upper management is conducted between the Head of Administration (a.k.a the Principal) and Head of Early Childhood Educators (a.k.a Vice Principal), both of whom have gone through intensive training in early childhood education, as well as business management.

All-inclusive rates

Our daily rates include childcare, freshly prepared organic meals, Weleda Baby products, diapers, excursions and all of the Kita parties and special events throughout the year.

For the Children

During the day, your child will focus on his / her individual needs and interests. We would like to be sensitive and professional towards their needs.

Competent number of staff

In every group, there is a total of 5 full-time staff who attend to the children. The number of staff per group is constant and does not differ, including in the event a staff member is away from either illness or on leave.

We provide optimal care conditions

In each infant/toddlers group, there are no more than eight children and for the preschooler groups, twelve children maximum. Three Early Years Practitioners supervise each group in our day care, one of each is the Group Leader.

Loving and Thoughtful Care of the Children

We are proud to tell you that the children at our day care centre, in particular the infants and babies, are delighted with the slow-paced, thoughtful social interactions and delicate treatment by our caretakers, according to the theories of Dr. Emmi Pikler, on infant education.

Individual Support

Our caretakers and educators have completed professional training at a Swiss school (at the level EFZ or HF) and are continuously building their knowledge on early childhood education.

Incredible Space

With 700 square metres of indoor space, children are able to “claim their space”.

Twelve educational rooms

Each group is assigned a particular educational area, dedicated to a theme. Children are given the freedom to pursue their own interest.

Large exercise room

Whether climbing, jumping, balancing, dancing or swimming in the paddle pool, our movement room appeals to all levels of gross motor skills.

Weekly Afternoon At The Forest

All children from 3 years of age have access to our weekly forest afternoon.

Daily Fresh Organic Cuisine

Our professional chef Martin truly spoils us with a variety of menu. Daily freshly prepared meals are done in our on-site kitchen. Parents need not panic: it’s organic! We follow the nourishment specifications of Fourchette Verte.

Additional Information